This article is made for those who did not intuitively understand about Quick Sort while they were able to easily understand Bubble, Selection, Insertion and Merge Sort.

Although Java and Python uses a Merge Sort based TimSort, QuickSort is said to be the really efficient if implemented well.

Quick Sort shares the concept of Divide and Conquer paradigm with Merge Sort, though much of the work is done while dividing/partitioning the list (unlike merge sort , where combining is logic heavy!)

Quick Sort involves the following steps:-

If you have some experience in Recommendation system and if you have thought

“I have been asked to build a recommendation system. I really want this sophisticated Deep Reinforcement Learning Model to Outperform the baselines but I having hard time understanding the Cost to Benefit of these new methods.”


Welcome to the club of Deep Learning / AI evangelists , those have a conviction that complex methods might beat classical ML models. After all we crave for complexity in every aspect of our life! ML is no such exception.

It is true that Data Scientists who have specialised into…

Yashwanth Kumar

I am a Data Scientist. I am also interested in Psychology. Helping companies mine masssive datasets and helping them to understand customer psychology .

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